Nickel & Suede


Nickel & Suede Social Media Collaboration


As a work-at-home extrovert, I’m always looking for other creators that I can form working relationships with. And let’s be real, it is way more fun when it’s an artist or company that I’ve followed along with, share aesthetics and values with, and just generally want to be a part of what they are doing. (Calling all bakers: will collaborate for iced cookies) Social media provides all kinds of creative communities I would have never imagined and has expanded my world like crazy, but there’s so much value in partnering with people in my physical community, too, and investing in local makers and businesses. 

Nickel and Suede, a leather jewelry company, is all of the above and I stumbled so seamlessly into a collaboraton with them. I created one piece centered around a Nickel and Suede fave and it launched me into a whimsical, spring series that merged wonderfully with their existing “artist’s studio” spring theme. Their lightweight earrings (which I’m obsessed with, by the way) paired nicely with my simple linework and their breezy spring launches gave me a swoon worthy color palette to compliment. Not to mention, I loved getting to chat with the owners, Kilee and Soren, and hear about the start and vision for their business. Talk about inspirations, ya’ll! 

In some ways this project was a new direction for me, but doing something focused on marketing was actually a pretty refreshing throwback to my advertising-based, graphic design degree (here’s to you, degree!) It’s always interesting to take the part of my brain that creates one of a kind, handmade pieces and combine it with the part of my brain that understands client-based, commerical work that is centered around an aesthetic or style that might not neccessarily be my own. And that is where I feel both stretched and, at the same time, totally in my element while collaborating -- especially with a company as refreshing and cool as Nickel and Suede.